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Use of Images Policy


Use of Images Policy


We often take photographs and video recordings (images) of the children at school.  We use these images in a range of ways, including as evidence of learning, classroom and corridor displays, publications, press and online communications.  On occasions we create videos of school events, which may be shown in our reception and community areas, linked to our websites and are sometimes available for parents to purchase.  Please note the following:

  • Any images taken will be of your child learning or taking part in other activities which show them in a positive light.

  • We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the images are used solely for the purposes for which they were intended.

  • We will make every effort to ensure that we do not allow images or footage to be taken of children for whom we do not have consent, those who are at risk or those disallowed from having their photographs taken for legal reasons.


How to give consent:

You are asked to complete permission for the use of your child’s image in a range of situations when you complete the Pupil Data Form when your child starts school.  The consent options are outlined below. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss the use of your child’s image.  Photographs and digital images/video will still be taken for internal use for example to demonstrate evidence of learning.


Unnamed Photographs and video:

You can consent to:

  1. Unnamed photographs/video of my child being used in school for display purposes in areas that are accessible to pupils, parents, staff and visitors.  

  2. Unnamed photographs/video of my child being used by the school or the Learning in Harmony Trust  for wider publication such as prospectus and similar information (i.e Newsletters)              

  3. Unnamed photographs/video of my child to appear in wider publications (i.e. School website, reception, class, press photographs, Class blogs and Twitter accounts).

  4. Unnamed photographs/video to be used in teachers project work / assignments.

  5. Professional individual and class photography.


Named Photographs:  We do not tend to publish named photographs of our pupils in the wider public domain, as we take their privacy very seriously.  However there may be exceptional circumstances where achievements should be published and celebrated in our newsletters or in the local press.  


You can consent to:

  1. Named photographs of my child being used for school use for wider publication such as school newsletters

  2. Named photographs of my child appearing in external non-school publications, such as local papers.


How to withdraw consent:

Should you wish to change the consent please put your request in writing to the school.

Storage and retention of images

Any images taken by staff are to be stored on the school’s secure drive in the appropriate year group folder.  As the year group cohort reaches the end of the time at the school the file will be deleted from the secure drive.  

We will continue to refresh the photographs used on our websites to reflect the current cohorts of pupils at our schools.

Photography taken at school events and assemblies (where schools expressly permit this)

Where parents and guests are permitted to take photographs or videos at school events, such as sports days or assemblies, permission is expressly given on the basis that the images or video will not be shared on social media platforms.  

The Trust and the schools reserve the right to prevent photography or filming taking place if images are found to be shared on social media platforms.

The Trust and the schools will contact parents that have published images of children other than their own in order to request their deletion.


April 2018