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Student Milestones

Class Waterloo completed the Sainsbury's Chef Awards. It allowed students to experience and learn about a variety of food and recipes. As well as different techniques and equipment used in the kitchen. Pupils showed a great interest and particularly enjoyed the finished products. All students achieved the following awards;


Victoria Class

Victoria Class 1 Two students hit important milestones in Victoria class today (28/2/17).
Victoria Class 2 Firstly one student used a switch with a head support independently for the first time.
Victoria Class 3 This means that he will be able to control resources and make a wider range of choices from now on.
Victoria Class 4 Secondly another student used tools to play an instrument.
Victoria Class 5 Usually he like to be so close to the musical vibrations that he insists on using his hands to play everything, but today he held the beater and struck the symbol several times independently
Picture 1 KS1 SATS completion
Picture 2 KS1 SATS completion
Picture 3 Passion for Art!
Picture 4 Awareness of bright coloured lights
Picture 5 Class 8 student used touch screen today
Picture 6 Creative Writing
Picture 7 Class 4 visually impaired student uses ipad
Picture 8 Class 1 student uses individual fingers on ipad
Picture 9 Class 1 student's passion for music!
Picture 10 Class 3 student independently operates the ipad
Picture 11 Class 5 student orders food using PECS
Picture 12 Class 1 student - first to use Sensory surface