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Staff training & CPD

Optimus Financial Efficiency Workshops


The SBM went to a series of workshops about Financial efficiency in the education sector hosted by Optimus Education.  These were very useful as it encouraged bench-marking of processes with other similar school settings and not just those within the Trust.

Discrete Trial Teaching Training:


Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) is an intervention method based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It is a highly structured method of teaching skills by breaking them down into smaller, teachable components.
Task analysis training: This is a set of written steps that contain all the components necessary to complete the task. The steps can be taught through the use of forward or backward chaining.
A few classes in Beckton have started trialling these approaches in their classes and more will embed these strategies in Term 2. The training was received positively by staff.

Prompting Training


A member of the Senior Management Team led a training session on prompting. As a school a core vision relates to promoting independence and the aims of this course was to discuss the prompting hierarchy and the importance of fading prompts over time to promote independence. This impact of this training is evident in lesson observations, with students being provided with the opportunities to be independent, reflected in pupil progress data.

Wellbeing Conference


A number of Senior Staff attended a range of seminars that focused around promoting wellbeing across large organisations. looking at promoting staff resilience, motivation and productivity. Key information from this conference helped develop an action plan, aiming to increase staff wellbeing, evident through mood KPI on Celpax.

Front of House


The Reception Office Staff travelled to other schools within the Trust for Front of House Training.  They all found this very useful in different ways. The more senior staff found it helpful to affirm that there were doing things well and the new staff learned how important their role is in presenting the 'face of JFK Special School' to the world.


Millie said "I would recommend the course as it help me learn how to prioritise and deal with different people"

Vision and Values


Monday 4th September - INSET Day 


Training on whole school Vision and Values was delivered to all staff on the first day back. Staff explored in depth what the vision of the school is and how this translates into everyday practice. Staff further explored the values of the school and how these core principles support the development of the school. 

Play, delivered by Kirstyn, S&LT and Tara, OT Beckton

Play, delivered by Kirstyn, S&LT and Tara, OT Beckton 1
Play, delivered by Kirstyn, S&LT and Tara, OT Beckton 2

Using the Printing Press

Using the Printing Press 1
Using the Printing Press 2
Using the Printing Press 3
Using the Printing Press 4

Training on the Engagement Profile - September 2016

Eating and Drinking Support

Eating and Drinking Support 1 Dinner staff, teaching assistants and teachers all took part in eating and drinking training with our speech and language therapists to further their understanding of risks associated with eating and drinking difficulties and how to best support students

Inset Days January 2015

Staff Signalong Training

Staff Signalong Training 1
Staff Signalong Training 2
Staff Signalong Training 3