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Class 4 PE

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At the end of 2015 JFK students had great opportunities to take part in sport in the community. Students from Beckton had access to the local leisure centre to go swimming each week. For class 7 there was a chance to take part in the Newham Pan Disability event, featuring sports such as wheelchair basketball, rowing and judo amongst others.

The students also had access to Horse riding once a week at the Chigwell Riding Trust. Students would ride for up to 20 minutes each week both indoors and around the local area. Students from the Stratford site, just before Christmas, participated in ice skating at the Lee Valley ice centre, which was great fun for all. 

Heading into 2016 all of the above will continue at JFK with additional activities along the way. Beckton students will be attending the Regatta Centre to participate in rowing activities as a new sport to experience at and in which to achieve success.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding 1
Horse Riding 2
Horse Riding 3
Horse Riding 4
Horse Riding 5
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Picture 2 Barge Residential
Picture 3 Barge Residential
Picture 4 Barge Residential
Picture 5 Barge Residential
Picture 6 Bikeworks
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