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Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Today, we did high ropes and some crabbing. Today, if we were in school, we would do swimming for about half an hour or an hour. The high ropes were really high! I can remember Halima screaming every time she fell off, and how we would have to reassure her by telling her that she was DEFINITELY safe and sound. I went on the first lower course and then I went on the higher course! I then felt VERY brave and arrant adventurous to go on the extremely higher than high course! It was completely and utterly frightening! We did some crabbing and it was horrible! They looked like they were related to spiders! I think I caught about 2 to 3 species of crabs! Gabby and Brian caught the most crabs – Gabby caught about 35 crabs and Brian caught about 50 crabs! 50 – The big five-zero!

We were supposed to go on a night walk but instead, we watched High School Musical, which REALLY impressed Gabby because one of the main characters are called Gabriella (Gabby for short)!

But Gabby’s (our Gabby) name is spelt with one l, not two (Gabriela)!