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Dear Diary - from the Haybay Barge

Dear diary,

Today was the most amazing day ever! I had one thing that I liked and one thing that I didn’t like. I liked the zip wire however I didn’t like caving because it was dark and freezing cold! The zip wire was awesome because it was long and VERY high! That’s what made it even more adventurous! I could feel the wind going through my hair, and oh boy, how refreshing it was! I felt like I was flying or walking through the air! What I would do just to relive that moment! But I REALLY didn’t like caving because how gruesome it was and how it was really dark. I felt like I was in a real cave and I couldn’t really see anything, especially when I turned off my headlight.


It was very quiet but hey, at least the cave wasn’t real. All I could see was other headlights and some faces here and there. All I could hear was other people encouraging others to move on. But alas, we got back to the barge and we went to bed. That night, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.