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Bag Books

Class 10 spent a day creating a sensory story in a workshop delivered   Nina and Karen from Bag Books. The topic which the book was going to focus on (The Queen’s Visit) was introduced and activities started promptly.

Everyone in the class took part in all activities - painting, hammering, sticking, measuring, sawing and much more, using a variety of tools – hammers, drills, glue guns, and a saw!

The work shop allowed all the pupils to be involved and busy undertaking engaging age appropriate activities.

In the afternoon, once building was complete, students and staff were able to hear and explore the Queen’s sensory story they had created.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their special story.


Many areas of the curriculum were touched upon throughout the day:

English – story telling, descriptive language

Maths – calculating

DT – many activities, as well as using tools safely

Science – sound, light, texture

Sensory – lots of textures, smells (scented flowers), things to see and hear

PSHE – listening and following instructions, waiting patiently, working together

The day was a huge success, a unique experience for the students in my class and has left the school with a lovely resource which will be used regularly.