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 Rebound Therapy 'Train the Trainers' programme
Hi Harriet, Josephine and Sandra,
Congratulations on completing ‘Train the Trainers’!
Our team have gone through the updates you each provided for the Distance Learning Module work, and can confirm that all aspects have now been signed off as complete.
Paul said that your presentations yesterday at Valence School were outstanding.
Paul will generate your Rebound Therapy Level 1 (in-house) Tutor certification this afternoon. 
Your certificates will be sent via first class post to Diane Rochford, we will ask her to countersign and present them to you.
Very well done, and good luck with running your first Level 1 Rebound Therapy training course at JFK Special School, whenever that may be.
Keep in touch.
Kind regards,
Lois Brooks

The official UK body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy

Responsible for the development and delivery of the genuine accredited and approved staff training courses
With founder Eddy Anderson

Social Stories


Halima attended a one-day course to learn about the importance of social stories and how to write an effective one.  Social stories are deigned to change student's views on a particular concept rather than change a student's behaviour.  It is essential to gather relevant information before writing a social story as the information will effect the content of the story.  There are guidelines that need to be adhered to in order to write a social story that will have the greatest impact on the student.


We run a printmaking twilight training session at JFK Beckton. We have had a semi-professional printing press in Beckton for some time now. The learners enjoy printing as it is a close-ended process with clear steps and final product, artwork they can display in school or take home with them. Printmaking not only supports the development of our pupils' creative selves, it is a great vehicle to learn communication or maths, as well as to work as part of a team

Discrete Trial Teaching Training


Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) is an intervention method based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). It is a highly structured method of teaching skills by breaking them down into smaller, teachable components.


Task analysis training: This is a set of written steps that contain all the components necessary to complete the task. The steps can be taught through the use of forward or backward chaining.


A few classes in Beckton have started trialling these approaches in their classes and more will embed these strategies in Term 2. The training was received positively by staff.

Prompting Training


A member of the Senior Management Team led a training session on prompting. As a school a core vision relates to promoting independence and the aims of this course was to discuss the prompting hierarchy and the importance of fading prompts over time to promote independence. This impact of this training is evident in lesson observations, with students being provided with the opportunities to be independent, reflected in pupil progress data.



Halima attended a half day course on Numicon to gain a better understanding on how to effectively use the resources to introduce counting and the four operations to her students.  The course developed her confidence in using Numicon to teach students how to count as well as quantify numbers.  In addition to this, she is now able to teach subtraction and the times tables effectively.