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CPD & Training

Professional development for all staff is supported through the Performance Management process and the School Development Plan.
John F Kennedy School values their staff and recognise that the
most valuable resource for the students is its staff and we therefore invest in their continued professional development. In  2011 – 2012  we  set ourselves targeted outcomes to include:
  • John F Kennedy School to become a NOCN Training Centre
  • Successful recruitment of high-quality staff due to the school’s reputation for quality first teaching and developing all practitioners
  • Increased leader responsibility and accountability resulting in improved quality of teaching and learning
  • Increased staff enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to the school leading to improved retention of staff
  • Enhanced succession planning as high-quality leaders can be promoted from within
  • Support for GTP, PGCE and OTT
  • Improved internal capacity as leadership opportunities enable staff to gain better knowledge and insight and share their professional learning with others
  • Encouragement of innovative practices
  • The commitment to sharing knowledge and best practice
  • Planned access to accredited and quality training for all, both external and internal courses
Picture 1 Team TEACCH training
Picture 2 Signalong training
Picture 3 Signalong training
Picture 4 INSET / CPD day training - Intensive Interaction
Picture 5 INSET day training - Intensive Interaction
Picture 6 INSET day training - Intensive Interaction