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Compliance & Safety

Health &  Safety training


The Learning in Harmony Trust have purchased online training from Judicium.  Staff have access to a range of online training courses covering different aspects of Health and Safety.


These include  Fire Safety and Fire Warden, Stress Management and Legionella Awareness.  The courses are being rolled out to different staff at different times.  The expectation is that all staff will complete the Fire Safety and Stress Management courses very soon


Governors have also completed the Health & Safety course for Governors

Safeguarding Training


All staff have completed Safeguard Training based on the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 provided by Safeguard and have regular in house updates.  Staff will complete training on the 2018 changes at the first available opportunity.


Most Senior Staff have completed Designated Safeguarding Lead training and conduct regular briefings to all staff.

Epilepsy Management


At JFK we have a rolling programme to ensure that sufficient staff are able to administer various types of epilepsy medication and to deal with different types of seizures following the student's care plan.  We currently have over 30 trained members of staff.

First Aid


There are several staff who have completed various levels of First Aid Courses including paediatric and First Aid at Work.  The current list is on 'Our Staff' tab.  We operate a rolling programme of renewal and re-accreditation.

Midas and Minibus training


At JFK we ensure that all minibus drivers have completed the Midas training to ensure that they are familiar with and confident to drive our minibuses.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations


The Headteacher, Julie Newman and Chair of Governors, Devina Laskar have both completed workshops introducing the new regulations and how they affect schools. Several other senior staff have completed different courses about GDPR.

All staff have completed an online GDPR awareness training course provided by Educare.


We now require that any temporary staff have completed a GDPR awareness session.

Google Online Training


Staff are using the online training programs developed especially for Learning in Harmony Trust 1-2-3 Go

they earn virtual badges for the completion of each section.   All staff will complete the Introduction Level and can then choose further options as they like.