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John F Kennedy School believes that all of our pupils deserve full time education, and should attend school wherever possible.

Although many of our pupils struggle with medical problems, and ill health - we nevertheless encourage all of our families to do their very best to make sure their children are in school, unless they are genuinely too ill to attend.

The school actively monitors all absences and expects parents and guardians to work with the school to ensure that all children attend school punctually and regularly.  The school will contact families to follow up on any absence.

Where children have serious illness that leads to long term absence, the school will work with families and other agencies to help children access learning from home.

In certain cases if a child has an infectious disease we may have to ask parents to keep a child away from school for a short period, to prevent other pupils from becoming infected. This is done on medical advice – and may differ according to individual circumstances.

Where a child is subject to a medical care plan, we can only allow a child into school if we are satisfied that all aspects of the plan can be met in school. If this is not the case, we will ask that a child remain at home until the care plan can satisfactorily be met – and will ensure that we liaise with medical professionals to ensure that the child is brought back into school as quickly as possible, without compromising their health and safety.

Time off for medical appointments will normally be authorised, but families should make the school aware of any appointments as soon as they know about them.

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